BBRS hosts roundtable for SME representatives

The BBRS will host and moderate an SME Roundtable to which all SMEs and SME Groups are invited to attend

SME representatives and experts wanting to contribute to the debate over the pre-launch preparations regarding the Business Banking Resolution Service’s scheme rules are being invited to participate in an SME Roundtable event this month.

The design of the BBRS has been developed by the Implementation Steering Group (the ISG) with representatives of SMEs and banks involved in equal measure. A public consultation exercise also took place over the summer, and a wide-range of submissions were elicited from business organisations and others. This feedback was released as a report and taken on board by the BBRS and the ISG.

Meanwhile, in recent weeks some SMEs and SME groups have publicly expressed the wish to make additional presentations about the design of the BBRS, and to seek clarification on particular issues.

To facilitate this, the BBRS will host and moderate an SME Roundtable to which all SMEs and SME Groups are invited to attend, to make presentations and to ask questions. Members of the ISG (which includes the banks, certain SME groups, and ISG observers such as government and regulators) will also be invited to attend, as will BBRS board and staff members.

SME experts are encouraged to contact the BBRS regarding suggested presentations for the event. Four presentations will then be selected covering different topics. Additional information regarding taking part in the expert presentations is included below, if you have any questions that are not covered please contact

Following the presentations, the BBRS’ Chair, Chief Executive and Chief Adjudicator will respond to points raised in the presentations. A follow-up Q&A script will be circulated to capture any questions that have not been answered during the event itself.

There will be time allocated for questions and answers, and we would ask that as many questions as possible are submitted in advance. This will allow the BBRS to group questions together and ensure as many as possible are answered. The floor will then be opened to SME attendees to ask live questions in case they were not able to submit them beforehand.

After the event has taken place the BBRS will publish a transcript on its website.

Please register for the event here.

Timeline Wednesday 18th November 2020

10:00                  Introduction from the BBRS Chair

10:05                  SME expert presentations x 4

11:05                   BBRS initial response to presentations

11:15                    SME pre-submitted questions and responses

11:45                    SME live questions and responses

12:15                    Chair’s concluding remarks

12:30                   Event ends

SME Expert Presentations

The BBRS is offering the opportunity for interested SME experts or representatives to present during the roundtable.

Each presentation must last for no longer than fifteen minutes, and must not include any references to individual cases. This applies in all circumstances, even if the individual has given permission for their case to be discussed.

Experts wishing to participate should register their interest by 5pm on 11th November here. Four experts will be selected to present covering different topics and will be notified by midday on 12th November.

If experts wish to present as a group please agree this within your group and submit one proposal to the BBRS, including the names of each speaker and how the 15 minutes will be split. Groups of presenters must submit one presentation.

A PowerPoint presentation or other shareable version of the presentation should be submitted to the BBRS by 6pm on Monday 16th November. This presentation will be shared with attendees during the event.