Live Pilot and webinars update

Despite COVID-19 disruption, the BBRS announces its Live Pilot has started and will host a series of three webinars allowing customers, potential customers and other stakeholders to discuss the service directly with the leadership team

The BBRS leadership is acutely aware that in this very challenging and unprecedented crisis imposed by COVID-19, very many companies, but particularly small and medium sized businesses, are struggling to cope with the financial pressures, even at this early stage, and that the need for close working relationships between SMEs and their banking partners will be more critical than ever. The BBRS is being designed to be an essential part of the infrastructure available to support eligible businesses and therefore the organisation is putting measures in place to ensure it can continue to launch later this year.

The Live Pilot is an important mechanism in ensuring the BBRS creates an approach that works for the businesses that use the service. As such, its aim is to confirm that the processes and ways of working developed so far are effective. We are grateful to those customers who have offered to participate. We will be contacting customers for the Live Pilot on a rolling basis, with a mix of historical and current complaints being considered.

Those involved in the Live Pilot will receive a determination on their case when the full-service launches, and the learnings will be taken forward into the full scheme. Those who have registered for the scheme and are not involved in the Live Pilot, will be contacted on a rolling basis to explain what they can expect from BBRS once it becomes fully operational. The Live Pilot is expected to conclude in the summer.

The BBRS is also launching an information programme consisting of three webinars. In light of government advice relating to COVID-19 these will replace a planned roadshow tour. Opportunities to meet with the team in-person will be planned for later in the year. The virtual events will take place in May and June and align with the coronavirus contingency planning we have put in place to ensure we can continue to launch the BBRS service as planned, but because of the COVID-19 disruption there might be a delay until later this year.

The events will introduce the BBRS and its team to businesses and stakeholders and be an opportunity for anyone who is interested in the service to hear about the aims of the organisation, progress to date, and the BBRS’ approach to resolving disputes. The events will also be an ideal and timely opportunity to ask questions and discuss the service with the BBRS team.