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Customer testimonial: “My customer champion really understood the nature of our complaint”

25 August 2022

Case overview – mediation resolved a significant error in banking processes

Gregory is the finance manager in a charity providing care services. The charity deposited two significant cheques, but the money did not show in the account causing distress to Gregory and the charity finance team. This incident happened after 2019 so the BBRS considered the case under the contemporary scheme.

Achieving resolution 

Gregory and representatives from the bank were able to resolve the complaint outside the BBRS’s formal adjudication process via mediation. Although the bank had initially rejected the complaint, after BBRS involvement they repaid the full amount of the missing funds.

Following the resolution of this complaint Gregory said: “I was delighted with the communications from the customer champion, we had chats via telephone, email and I was kept abreast of things to ensure the right outcome for our care provider.

“I found the customer champion got to understand the nature of our complaint and could empathise with us.  The process was sound, and again we were kept informed of developments and when further information was required from us. This helped me as I never felt that I had to chase for an update.”

This testimonial is anonymised with names changed but is an account of a real customer experience. Each case that reaches the BBRS is different and customer outcomes will vary.