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The Bank Liaison Panel is an independent and transparent advisory body to the BBRS, and it forms part of a two way feed-back loop between the BBRS and the member banks. This is to encourage discussions around, and understanding of, key issues and changes to policy and practice that may be of relevance in the context of the BBRS’ operations.

The Bank Panel will advise the BBRS, but will not be involved in decision-making or in case assessment.

The key objectives of the Bank Panel are to:

  • consider emerging trends, issues and areas of concern regarding access to finance and treatment of SMEs
  • make recommendations to the BBRS on identified issues (including thematic issues) and areas of concern to address potential issues and challenges early and effectively and with a view to providing appropriate support to SMEs
  • ensure that there is an on-going dialogue between the BBRS, member banks and other stakeholders
  • provide on-going independent assessment of how identified issues and concerns are being addressed
  • provide a two-way feedback loop between member banks and the BBRS to encourage dialogue on, and understanding of, key issues and changes to policy and practice that may be of relevance in the context of the operation of the Scheme, including with a view to improving customer service and meeting the needs of stakeholders
  • facilitate learning from previous significant complaints to inform the handling of future complaints

Chair of the Bank Liaison Panel

Caroline Barr has been appointed as the Chair of the BBRS’ Bank Liaison Panel. She has a long association with the financial services industry. Until recently, she was a member of the Financial Services Consumer Panel, during which time she chaired the working group responsible for banking products and SMEs as consumers.

Caroline’s consumer expertise is valued by the industry and regulators alike, and she is an Independent Non-Executive Director of the British Insurance Brokers Association and BlackRock Life Ltd.  Caroline was a senior civil servant at HM Treasury, and worked on several Productivity reform programmes, from the Sandler Review into the investment industry to the Cooksey Review into the funding of health research.

As Chair, Caroline is responsible for leadership of the Bank Panel and ensuring its overall effectiveness in relation to its objectives.


The representative of each of the participating banks will bring the requisite skills and experience to the Bank Liaison Panel and is approved by the Board prior to their appointment.


Unless otherwise agreed between the BBRS and each of the panel members, the Bank Liaison Panel will meet four times a year.

Additional meetings, including joint meetings with the corresponding SME Liaison Panel, may also take place.

Additional information can be found in the Terms of Reference.