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Getting help even if you are ineligible

Anyone concerned about the eligibility of their case for the BBRS’ service is encouraged to contact us or register for the BBRS. The BBRS will consider whether a complaint or any part of it is eligible for the service. If it is eligible, then the BBRS will be able to review it.

BBRS may, in some circumstances, also be able to look at complaints that are ineligible.

Cases falling outside our eligibility conditions

If a case falls outside the BBRS’ eligibility criteria, the BBRS may still be able to consider it provided that we, the customer and the bank all agree. If we are asked to consider a complaint and we believe we should be able to do so (for example because the case falls just outside our eligibility criteria or there is a technical reason why it is ineligible), we will write to the bank, explain why we think we should consider it, and we will ask for their agreement.

The banks have agreed to act reasonably and in good faith when considering the BBRS’ request to deal with such a case. For additional information, please see the relevant provisions here.

An example of where the BBRS might do this includes where the business has a turnover slightly above our financial thresholds. If the bank disagrees with the BBRS’ request, it will provide an explanation both to us and the customer so we can discuss it with the customer if they wish. Remember, these provisions apply only when the case is ineligible for the service: the BBRS will always be able to review a case which meets the Scheme’s eligibility conditions.