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Getting help if a company has been dissolved

Certain complaints relating to businesses that have been dissolved (for example companies that have been struck off the register of companies) or are insolvent can be brought to the BBRS provided they satisfy our eligibility conditions.

Most dissolved businesses can technically no longer speak for themselves – and most insolvent businesses are in the hands of insolvency practitioners. The people who can bring complaints on behalf of dissolved or insolvent businesses can be found here.

For complaints that are eligible, our investigation and decision-making processes will be the same as that for any other business entering our service, namely decisions will be made on the basis of what is fair and reasonable in the circumstances.

However, for most dissolved businesses, our rules set out who can now bring such complaints on their behalf, the agreements needed for that to happen, and who can receive any award that we might make. It is not, however, necessary for a dissolved business to have been restored in order to bring a complaint to the BBRS.

This is a complex area – particularly if the business (whether a company, partnership, trust etc.) has been dissolved for too long to be restored (usually six years). However, we are here to help. If you are considering bringing a complaint on behalf of a dissolved or insolvent business, please contact us to discuss this before registering a complaint via our website. Then we can help you understand whether we would be able to look at it, and what we would need to see to be able to do so.