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Signing up to our rules through our Customer Agreement

All customers using the BBRS will be asked to sign up to relevant elements of the Scheme Rules through a Customer Agreement. The Customer Agreement has been split into three stages to reflect the different points at which elements of the Scheme Rules will apply.

We have included links to the full versions of each stage to allow you to read them prior to registering should you wish to (this is not a requirement). Please note that it is not possible to sign any of the three stages through the links included below. You will be asked to agree to stage one when you register for the BBRS*.

The three stages are:

  • Initial registration – you can read this in full here
  • Submission of detailed complaint – you can read this in full here
  • Acceptance of an award as full and final settlement – you can read this in full here 

We have divided the agreement in this way to make the service as easy as possible to use and to ensure that you only need to agree to the scheme rules relevant to each stage of the process.

Your customer champion will be able to explain these stages in more detail if required.

*If you are a customer who registered before 15th February 2021 you will have received an email from the BBRS regarding signing the Customer Agreement through DocuSign. If you have not received this email please contact