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Sally Berlin appointed as Chief Adjudicator at the BBRS

19 July 2022

The BBRS is pleased to announce that Sally Berlin has been appointed as our new Chief Adjudicator. Sally has been acting as Chief Adjudicator in an interim capacity since May 2022, replacing Alexandra Marks who stepped down for personal reasons.

Since joining as Deputy Chief Adjudicator in March 2021 shortly after launch, Sally has been a key figure in BBRS delivery. So far at the BBRS Sally has overseen decisions from appeals, quality assurance of decisions, service complaints and concessionary case recommendations.

Sally, who is a fully qualified Barrister, joined the BBRS from the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC), where she was an Executive Board Member and the Director of Casework Operations. She has also been a member of a Cabinet Office appeal panel since 2017.

Sally commented, “I am delighted to be continuing my work with the BBRS, helping achieve resolutions between participating banks and eligible SMEs. Since joining the BBRS I’ve witnessed numerous cases being resolved, through our adjudication process, conciliation or mediation and other forms of settlement. I look forward to supporting the effective resolution of further disputes.”

CEO Mark Grimshaw added, “The BBRS provides a valuable, free service to eligible SMEs and, as Deputy Chief Adjudicator and now our Chief Adjudicator Sally has been a central part of this endeavour. I’d like to thank her for her commitment to the BBRS and I am pleased that she will be continuing her great work with us in her new role.”