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Customer testimonial: “The BBRS helped me receive compensation and an apology from my bank”

8 March 2023

Case overview – bank had not been recognising loan overpayments

Ana is the Managing Director of a business in the Financial Services industry. Upon checking her contract, she noticed that her bank had been taking two Direct Debit payments per month instead of one, meaning that she had overpaid on a loan.

She raised this with her bank who provided her with a statement that did not match the payments that had been made. Ana also visited in-branch and contacted them by phone but said she was unable to speak to someone senior enough to address the discrepancy.

Achieving resolution

Ana came to the BBRS after the complaint had been raised with one of our participating banks, and as the issue took place after 2019, we were able to consider it under the Contemporary Scheme.

The BBRS worked with the customer and the bank who discussed and agreed a settlement between them in June 2022.

However, in October 2022, Ana contacted the BBRS again to say that the bank was still chasing her for payments. The BBRS got in touch with the bank again. In response, the bank phoned Ana to apologise and increased the amount of compensation previously offered.

On reaching a resolution to her complaint Ana said: “I was positively stunned that someone from the bank called me personally to apologise. The BBRS helped me get this response as I was unable to get in contact with the relevant person at the bank when I complained directly. Thanks to everyone at the BBRS who helped get this over the line”.

This testimonial is an account of a real customer experience with names and some details changed. Each case that reaches the BBRS is different and customer outcomes will vary.