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This report features BBRS case resolution data as of 31 December 2023.

The BBRS publishes case resolution data on a quarterly basis.

Resolved Cases

cases have been resolved through conciliation, settlement, mediation or adjudication
cases were not upheld by adjudication and customers received no financial award
cases were upheld or partially upheld by adjudication, or settled
customer received no financial adjudication award
customers received financial adjudication awards or settlements:
by adjudication
by settlement

Understanding our data

Financial redress

So far, nearly £2 million of financial redress has been made to SME customers as a result of BBRS intervention. The true figure is likely to be significantly higher as the BBRS is not always informed about the redress or payments agreed in some direct settlements.

Each case which comes to the BBRS is unique, and you can read an example of a resolved case in the link below.

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Understanding our

Adjudications are awards which came following our full method for investigating a complaint. Those resolved directly between SMEs and banks, following BBRS involvement, are recorded as settlements. You can find out more about the different types of dispute resolution we offer in the link below.

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Complaint resolutions

As of 31 December 2023, the BBRS had a total of 1,014 registered cases. It is important to recognise that beyond the 105 customers to have received a financial award or settlement the BBRS has also resolved cases to the satisfaction of the customer and the bank in instances where no award was made.

Find out more about how the BBRS makes decisions and awards in the link below.

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View our full report

Some of our stakeholders have been interested in additional data found in previous BBRS reports, such as:

  • Number of cases registered (and by scheme)
  • Most common reasons for cases to be found ineligible for the BBRS
  • Most common reasons for registering a complaint with the BBRS
  • Most common types of business to register with us
  • Number of cases which progressed as concessionary, including the total cases that registered with us and were presented as concessionary then subsequently settled directly with the bank

You can view this data and more in our full report.

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