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If you have any comments or suggestions for the SME Liaison Panel, then please use the form below.

Please note that the SME Liaison Panel is not able to receive details of individual complaints or use panel meetings to discuss specific, individual cases. If you would like to discuss your complaint, then please see our Contact Us page.

The SME Liaison Panel cannot consider Service Complaints or appeals against BBRS determinations. Please refer to the relevant pages of our website for details about either of these:

Service complaints

Appeals against BBRS determinations

We ask you to supply your email address so that we can follow up on your comment or suggestion. We will retain your email address for a maximum of one year to allow the SME Liaison Panel sufficient time to discuss and follow up on your comments as required. After one year, the content of your comment will be retained, but your email address will be removed from our records.

For further details of how we will handle your personal data, please see our Privacy Policy.