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We are funded to operate independently

How the BBRS is funded

The BBRS service is free to customers. It is funded by the participating banks, but it is managed and governed independently. This allows the BBRS Chief Adjudicator to make determinations on cases under the Scheme Rules entirely independently of any participating banks. The Chief Adjudicator’s independence is also safeguarded directly by the Scheme Rules and the BBRS’ Articles of Association. The organisation’s independence is safeguarded by its independent Board and secretariat.

It is commonplace for industry-focused dispute resolution schemes to be funded by relevant industry participants, meaning that neither customers nor taxpayers have to pay for the running of the service or to bring complaints. The BBRS is no different.

This is a voluntary scheme, and a participating bank may later decide to withdraw from the scheme. Before a bank withdraws from the scheme, the BBRS will publicise on its website the fact that the bank is withdrawing from the scheme and the last date by which customers of that bank can register new complaints with the BBRS. Complaints registered by this date in respect of that bank will continue to be progressed in accordance with the Scheme Rules and funded in the same manner as would otherwise apply.