Dealing with recent complaints

Our Contemporary Scheme is for complaints relating to incidents (acts or omissions on the part of the bank) that took place on or after 1 April 2019.

In order to be eligible for our Contemporary Scheme, your business must be UK registered and meet the following financial criteria at the time you complained to your bank:

Turnover: Less than £10 million Balance Sheet: Less than £7.5 million Charities: Annual income less than £10 million Trusts: Net Asset Value less than £7.5 million

You must have made a complaint to your bank within six years after the incident, OR (if later) within three years after the date on which you became aware of the incident.

Your complaint must not be, or have been, eligible for the Financial Ombudsman Service. Information on the Financial Ombudsman’s eligibility can be found here.

Your complaint must not be subject to, or have been through, litigation or have been settled.

In cases where you have been notified by your bank that you have six months to refer your complaint to the BBRS, you must comply with this time limit.

If you have been subject to related litigation, such as repossession, this does not preclude your complaint from being considered for the BBRS