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What customers should expect when they use our service

The BBRS provides a free, accessible and independent service to resolve disputes between eligible businesses and participating banks.

The BBRS deals with contemporary cases, which are complaints arising since 1 April 2019. More information can be found here.

Whether the BBRS is able to help you with your complaint will be determined by set criteria, which broadly include: the size of your business; whether your bank is participating in the scheme; and whether you have already raised your complaint with your bank.

When you register your case with the BBRS, we will need details about you and your business as well as information about the complaint you made to your bank. We will then perform a preliminary eligibility check. We will keep your eligibility under review as your case progresses through the BBRS process.

You will then be assigned a customer champion. They will be your point of contact throughout your involvement with the BBRS, and will provide you with practical support.

Your customer champion will explain the BBRS process to you, assist you in articulating your case, and help you identify relevant documents to support your complaint. Once we have identified all elements of your complaint, we will contact your bank so they can respond and send in their evidence.

You will be given access to our specially designed online system to work efficiently with your customer champion in uploading documents and evidence, sending and receiving messages and dealing with requests as your case progresses. The online system will keep a record of everything, and your customer champion can help if you have any questions or concerns, including arranging an alternative method if you are unable to work online.

You will then be given the chance to see any evidence the bank has provided, and at the same time the bank will get to see any evidence you have sent us.

Your customer champion will ensure that you have the chance to respond to the bank’s evidence. The bank will be able to comment on your evidence as well. Your customer champion will explain options for resolving your complaint, which may include early settlement, mediation, conciliation or adjudication.

  1. If your case continues to adjudication, an independent and impartial Case Assessor will study all relevant evidence sent in by you and your bank and make a fair and reasonable assessment of your complaint.
  2. The Case Assessor will make a Provisional Determination, and you and your bank will both be able to comment on it. The Case Assessor will consider those comments before making a determination after 28 days.
If you have any questions about the process and you have an appointed customer champion, they will be able to answer them.

If you have not yet registered for the service, or have not yet been assigned a customer champion, please contact us with any questions.